Hello friends. Sorry for being very inactive lately. I’ve just really focusing my OC and getting a lot of things done there. Plus my muse for Giselle has been gone for quiet sometime, so I’m afraid I’ll have to put this blog on a semi-hiatus. I’ll be here now and then, and save replies and whatnot in drafts so I can get around to them when I have the muse and motivation. You guys can follow me on my OC though if you still wanna rp with me. So yeah, that’s all I wanted to say, so sorry.  

You lose zombie girl … 

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First of all, thank you guys so much. A milestone is a milestone and although 100 followers is nothing to some, it means a lot to me with this new OC. I hope you guys enjoy Haruka for some time to come! Haruka is a lot of fun to play and I want to continue to play her!

I’ve not had the opportunity to write with you all yet, but I hope that I do, someday, write with those I follow! These are the people who are of the following: I’ve enjoyed writing with them so far, enjoyed seeing them on my dash or really wish to write with someday! Apologies if you’re not on here u3u

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[[ I can’t believe there are 81 of you beautiful followers. Thank you for all the fun times for our threads, memes, etc. I decided that for my follow forever I will be doing an icon making give away. The following will be done.

1st & 2nd) 60 cropped icons w/ optional background
3rd.) 40 icons w/ background
4th - 6th.) Promotional Banners

Reblogs and likes count, deadline is 9/11/14, and only mutuals can receive a prize. If you win and immediately unfollow I will not carry out the request.

Good luck to you all~

And thank you~


                     Violently sobs on you all. I have 1200 of you and I just? That is such a
                     huge number of people (to me) and I am seriously grateful for every.
one of you.

                     I don’t want to make a huge follow forever so I am just going to include
                     my closest writing partners/friends and my biggest inspirations/people I
                     want to interact with more
 here. I am saving my gigantic post for if I ever get
                     to 1500. (wink wink)

                     So without further unnecessary blathering:

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                    I know I am missing a ton of people—and I apologize if I missed you. I
                    am super tired as I type this, but I am grateful for all of my followers and I
                    certainly would never purposely snub someone. Don’t take it personal,

                   Anyway thank you all for sticking with me! You guys are the best!